I’m Carmen Shenk

I am an author, speaker, and coach helping you navigate the transition to a simple life in a smaller space.  I’ll help you minimize the mundane, in order to open up space for your BIGGEST dreams!Signature Tiny House Foodie logo

“You inspired me to minimize to prepare for (one day) going back to tiny living. Today I went through all of my pots and pans, as well as some gadgets, and plan to donate the excess. I feel like your blogs are helping my marriage. My hubby has increasingly become agitated with so much “stuff”. Minimizing recognizes and reduces his stressors, while encouraging me to use my creativity with less.”   -Deedra

“Carmen’s natural ability to inspire and encourage others is like handing a client gold! She was able to listen, ask questions, and help me pin point areas of weakness. She then took the time to take diligent notes, send me homework assignments to hold me accountable, and then follow up with my progress. Carmen is everything you could hope for in a coach and a mentor and I could not sing her professional praises enough!”  -Brynn