The New & Improved Tiny House Foodie Kitchen!

THFK South West

I’m very pleased to share with you the progress we’ve made on the Tiny House Foodie Kitchen.  This little kitchen is 88 square feet and has plenty of room for everything we need and lots more.  (Our tiny house is only 125 square feet – just to give you a feel for the kitchen we’re accustomed to – this one feels HUGE!)

THFK Northeast

I am looking forward to sharing with you lots of foodie strategies for living and cooking in a small kitchen, and the Tiny House Foodie kitchen has room for me AND the camera, AND YOU as my guests via  More of that on Thursday as I begin Season One of the Tiny House Foodie channel on YouTube, so stick around.  All kinds of cool things are planned for this website!

THFK SouthEast

I’ve got a video series of ways to downsize your kitchen coming, plus my BOOK is coming out soon soon soon!  Plus, this month on Twitter I’m sharing foodie quotes that I’ve found inspirational and I think you might enjoy them as well, so pop over there and follow me @CarmenShenk and all the Tiny House Foodie goodness @TinyHouseFoodie.  Also, don’t forget to join the Tiny House Foodie group on Facebook where we’ll be sharing inspiration and videos and so much more!

Oct 2

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