Right-Sizing Utensils – Day 17

23 host a partyToday we tackle utensils with a simple exercise that will require that each item earn it’s way back into your kitchen.  Simple exercises like this one help us get in touch with our creativity.  When the item we’re used to isn’t right at hand, we quickly become creative and find multiple ways to use the items we do have.  Thankfully utensils don’t take up much space, so if some lesser used items sneak back in, it’s won’t be a big deal.

I prefer a vase on the counter to a messy drawer, but maybe you can find a good way to organize the drawer if that is your preference.  Anything that looks like it could cause a health hazard is an automatic toss.

Today is short and sweet so take a moment to walk around your kitchen and consider all the hard work you have completed.  How does it feel to have come so far and made so much progress?  I find this process invigorating as we work to bring order from the chaos.  Well done!  Keep up the good work!

I’m Carmen Shenk, the Tiny House Foodie, reminding you that we can #LiveTiny #EmbraceSimplicity and still #EatWell.  Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it!29c45-1a2bcarmen

2 thoughts on “Right-Sizing Utensils – Day 17

  1. betweenerswithbex says:

    Great approach to truly determining what you actually use! Ppossibly the best approach to ween out the stuff the RL you uses versus the FLY (Fantasy Life You). Sometimes our FLY thinks she is an amazing chef — or will be one day — and so possesses a lot of extraneous kitchen tools. I guess we have to ask ourselves — “Am I really going to make my RLY into my FLY? Am I really going to pursue this dream?” and lastly, “Am I willing to put time and energy into becoming that FLY by taking cooking classes, cooking at least five times a week etc…”. If the answer is no, or “not in the next 5 years” then probably we should give these things up and embrace the Real Life You.


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