The Fundamental Question of Downsizing.

This video includes a birthday message for my friend Bekki that is an excerpt from chapter four of my new book, Kitchen Simplicity.  In the video I mention visiting a lovely yarn shop, Baa Baa Sheep in Norfolk, Virginia… and I mention a skein of Embrace yarn from Raywa Fibers which is 100% yak down and is amazing – for a number of reasons.

If you’ve read “The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up” by Marie Kondo, you already know that she recommends that as you hold each item in your hands, you ask yourself the question – does it bring me joy?  I understand her approach, but I think there is a deeper question than “Does it bring me joy?” can reach, and that question is “Does it fit my life purpose?”  When we know the answer to that question, stocking our life to fit our Purpose becomes much simpler and there is less uncertainty and frustrating ambiguity in the process… making those decisions much easier.

I’m Carmen Shenk reminding you that we can live tiny, embrace simplicity, and still eat really well.  Thanks so much for watching, I really appreciate it!29c45-1a2bcarmen

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