Us and BenzIt’s going to be a busy year for us and I’ve started an EVENTS page here on the website where you can check in on which festivals and events we will attend this year.  If one of these festivals is close to you, please be sure to drop in and introduce yourself.  I look forward to meeting you!

In the mean time – here’s an article about us written by Frank Hazzard of Tiny House Expos.

Catch the podcast where I talk about Shrimp and Grits (my favorite) with the great hosts of the Tiny House Podcast: Michelle Bredeson Boyle, Mark Grimes, and Perry Gruber!  (41 minutes)  That was a blast!

It’s so much fun to meet folks and talk about tiny houses.  I enjoy it a TON!  There are other fun things in the works also, so stay tuned!  We really can live tiny, embrace simplicity, and eat well.  Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it!29c45-1a2bcarmen


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