Kitchen Simplicity

IMG_3744My cute little book is ready for the world today, and I’m so pleased to make it available far and wide. This has been a long time coming! Find your copy on Amazon. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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And thanks so much to each of you! This sweet little book has been a labor of love for me, and to hear you all responding with such interesting and thoughtful reviews and comments on social media has just been incredibly gratifying! Over and over again I have been moved by the way people respond to this little book and I appreciate all of you so very much!!! <3

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Simplicity

    • Carmen Shenk says:

      I put a lot of time into writing my book and having it traditionally published and it’s been out a few months now and yes, I’m still talking about it and traveling and speaking at tiny house festivals and smaller local gatherings. Our transition to our tiny home of 125 sq ft back in 2014 was a challenging one and I learned a lot of things the hard way. So these days I create resources for individuals in the movement to make their transition to tiny much easier/gentler to hopefully make their stay in the tiny community a longer one. So many have bounced in and bounced right back out very quickly, so it matters that we help people learn how to embrace simplicity and thrive in this life. I believe in these resources or I would not have spent so much time creating them and making them available. So yeah, my website is all about getting the word out for folks who will benefit from the resources I’ve created, as are the websites of my colleagues in the Tiny House Authors group, and others in the movement. Our work online helps to fund the work we do to help people find a simpler life because it’s made a big difference for each of us and we know it can make a big difference for other folks as well. That’s why so many of us are hard at work writing for the Tiny House Magazine, teaching on, creating content for, hosting events, and writing books and creating multi-media classes. The creative work is a lot of fun, and these resources help people make the transition to a simple life in a smaller space and that’s something that means the world to me.

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