IMG_1445How do you fit a foodie in a 125 square foot tiny house?! It isn’t easy! Shenk is a Mennonite cook, a retired chef and restaurant owner! If she’s not baking, she’s not living! So when Shenk, her handsome genius husband and their little dog Ella began their marvelous adventure of going tiny, Shenk ran head-long into an uncomfortable new paradigm that eventually taught her some difficult – but valuable – life lessons.
Shenk and Wilhelmy have lived in a tiny house since the fall of 2014. Early on Shenk started a blog to document the journey and the recipes she created for food, personal care products, and household cleaners.  Eventually, Shenk began to realize that her experiences of going tiny could help others facing similar transitions to small spaces.  Therefore she began and started to work on her first book.  The first in the Tiny House Foodie Series, Kitchen Simplicity, is expected out in Spring of 2018.  More information is available at
Shenk lives with her genius Pipe Organ Builder husband Xaver Wilhelmy, and their beagle-blend rescue dog Ella, in Crimora Virginia.

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