Carmen Shenk is an artist, entrepreneur and communicator helping folks navigate the transition to a simple life in a smaller space. She’ll help you minimize the mundane to make space for meaning.
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Us and BenzThe demands of running a pipe organ business and a busy restaurant meant newlyweds Shenk and Wilhelmy rarely got to see each other. Therefore, in 2014 they sold their restaurant and purchased a tiny house of 125 square feet.  Moving in was a way of pushing the reset button on their frazzled lives. Embracing purposeful simplicity gave them the opportunity to breathe, heal, and build a more meaningful life together.
Shenk began blogging about her experiences in their tiny haven-home and that became her first book: Kitchen Simplicity.  More great resources on embracing simplicity in the kitchen can be found at TinyHouseFoodie.com.
In 2017 they purchased a Ford F450 turtle shell Shuttle bus with 128 sq ft of living space and transformed it into a recreational vehicle.
In 2019, Shenk also began using the lessons she learned from living tiny to transform a 660 sq ft small house on a foundation into a beautiful haven-home and is documenting the process in her YouTube Vlog.  Also in 2019, Shenk began a podcast called “Faith, Art & Tiny Houses”.
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Vinnie 3Shenk’s brilliant Austrian husband, Xaver Wilhelmy, continues his work as a certified pipe organ builder and is currently working on a year-long project that will bring the first-in-the-world glass organ pipes into a congregational setting for a client in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He enjoys vintage cars and intends to build a motorcar of his own design around his 1967 Rolls Royce engine.  Geshenke.com   FlagPipes.com
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