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I’m Carmen Shenk.  I am an author, speaker, and coach helping folks like you navigate the transition to life in a smaller space so that you may enjoy the freedom of purposeful simplicity in your tiny haven-home.
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The demands of running a pipe organ business and a busy restaurant meant Shenk and Wilhelmy weren’t seeing each other as much as they liked.  Therefore, they sold the restaurant and in 2014 they purchased a tiny house of 125 square feet as a way of pushing the reset button on their frazzled lives.  Us and BenzTiny house minimalism gave them the opportunity to recharge, reset, and restore their vision and purpose.
Shenk began blogging about her experiences in her tiny haven-home, followed shortly by beginning work on a novel as well as the book that became Kitchen Simplicity.
Wilhelmy continues his work as a certified pipe organ builder and is currently working on a project that will bring his original design glass pipe organ pipes into a congregational setting for a client in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
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Vinnie 3Shenk and Wilhelmy enjoy driving vintage cars including her 1979 MGB and his 1969 Opel Rekord. 
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Together, they are hard at work at turning a 2001 Ford transit bus into their tiny haven-home (Vinnie 3) and this time they will have 128 square feet… three more than their first tiny haven-home. 

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All my best!
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