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Mixing Bowls

One of the keys to eating great healthy food at an affordable price is to cook it yourself. The temptation in a tiny house is to eat out a lot – but that doesn’t have to be the case. With this set of uncomplicated gear, you can cook great food at home! I promise. Pull out your favorite recipe (or ask around for favorites) and mix up something wonderful! Here’s a number of beautiful mixing bowls to choose from:

Good: A nesting set of Iconikal stainless steel bowls for $12 is a great place to start. Stainless steel bowls are light – and in a tiny house on wheels, weight can be an issue.

Better: This 3 pc set of stainless steel bowls from OXO is $60 and gorgeous! And whether it’s mixing up potato salad, or cake batter, these bowls will work.

Blue: if you chose the eclectic blue set of tableware, this gorgeous set of watercolor blue Pyrex mixing bowls would be lovely with that combination. Gorgeous, durable, and only $23 – lid included! Again, if your house is on wheels and weight is an issue, it might be better to choose the stainless steel, but if weight is not an issue – go for gorgeous!

Green: I noticed the iconic Mason Cash mixing bowl while watching Downton Abbey, but then The Great British Bake Off came along with their multi-colored pastel kitchens with their pretty KitchenAid mixers, and Mason Cash bowls –
not to mention the gorgeous retro fridges and I loved every second of it! I fell for the old world classical look of these bowls that have been in production since 1800, and then when I looked up the very current color options… I fell in love all over again. I chose the spring green 4 1/4 quart bowl for $49 and I use it for mixing, storing, and even as a popcorn bowl. I don’t know how many people fall head over heals for beautiful iconic kitchen gear -but I do. This is the beauty of tiny house minimalism – I may not have many things, but the things I have are lovely.

Measuring Tools

If you cook from recipes and want to achieve the results shown in the photographs – you’ll need a few measuring tools. Here’s a combination set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons – what could be easier?! I also like the Pyrex glass measuring cups, they are useful for eggs and liquids and being able to see through the glass helps you get the right measurement.


I hate plastic disposables in the kitchen – cling film, foil, etc. So instead, I use silicone lids. Here’s a colorful set for $17 that will work to replace single use plastics in your kitchen.

We were traveling for work and came across and beautiful kitchen boutique and did some Christmas shopping for my family. One of the things I found were Charles Viancin Lids. They seal beautifully, but they’re also easy to get off the container. I picked up a selection of these colorful marvels and hung them on the sides of my upper kitchen cabinets. They add a splash of color to my kitchen and we use them all the time. I’m delighted to find this effective way of kicking single use plastic disposables out of my kitchen! And they are CUTE!

Baking Dish with Lid

This winter I’ve been very busy writing a book, so I’d pack a Corningware baking dish with a little meat and a lot of vegetables, throw in some good olive oil and my favorite herbs and spices and put the lid on tight and put it in the oven. I get back to work and an hour later I have a steaming hot meal ready. It couldn’t be easier and hot roasted food really hits the spot on cold winter days. It’s $38 and I use it all winter for roasted meals. We also use it during the summer for marinating food that we’ll cook on the grill. It is easy to clean and when we’re not using it for baking, we can use it to store our potatoes, onions, and garlic quite nicely.

Cookie Sheets

We purchased the Breville Smart Oven Air for our Skoolie, and a cookie sheet came with it. If that’s the case with the oven in your tiny haven-home, then look no further. Otherwise, measure the interior of your oven and choose cookie sheets that will fit nicely. In a normal size kitchen range, four Wilton 15.25 x 10.25 cookie sheets can fit comfortably in the oven at the same time. This makes it possible to bake off a batch of cookies pretty quickly, saving power. If your oven is large enough to fit several cookie sheets – purchase accordingly.

$$ BUDGET FRIENDLY TIP: Instead of baking cookies on a cookie sheet, put the dough in your cast iron skillet and bake one cookie instead of a bunch of small ones. Yummy!

Food Storage

I used to keep lots of plastic tupperware and gladware type containers in my home and it was always the messiest cabinet in my kitchen. I always dreaded even opening the door. We didn’t have room (still don’t) in our tiny haven-home for a messy cabinet full of plastic and ill-fitting lids, so I donated all of them and went really basic with food storage. Bulk food items all go in Wide-Mouth Ball Quart Canning Jars, and we changed our cooking habits so that there aren’t leftovers. (The dog is happy to help with leftovers! lol!) Canning jars are so durable that they don’t break if you happen to drop them, and you don’t have to worry about the health hazards of using plastic. Glass is the safest food storage option, and hey – they look great on a shelf in the kitchen! I use the quart size and since I love to make my own yogurt, I also use the wide mouth pint size and it’s handy that the same lid works on both.

$$ BUDGET FRIENDLY TIP: Canning jars can be found in thrift stores and yard sales for very little money. Plus – you may save some glass jars from products you love and instead of recycling them, put them to use in your kitchen. What’s more environmentally friendly using and reusing a glass jar you already have?!

Hang in there – right-sizing your kitchen can be daunting but I know you’ll rock it!

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