Food Storage

Go ahead and pull out all your food storage containers and clean out the cabinet where they were stored. Then let’s talk about these containers.

  • The best and safest way to store food is in glass.
  • There are also excellent stainless steel options.
  • The least safe food storage is plastic which has health risks, and contributes to an environmental nightmare.

I love the transformation of cleaning out the old things and making way for new memories and adventures. I find it exciting and invigorating.

We didn’t have room (still don’t) in our haven-home for a messy cabinet full of plastic and ill-fitting lids, so I donated all of them and went really basic with food storage. Bulk food items all go in Wide-Mouth Ball Quart Canning Jars, and we changed our cooking habits so that there aren’t leftovers. (The dog is happy to help with leftovers! lol!) Canning jars are so durable that they don’t break if you happen to drop them, and you don’t have to worry about the health hazards of using plastic.  And hey – they look great on a shelf in the kitchen! I use the quart size and when I make yogurt, I use the wide mouth pint size and it’s handy that the same lid works on both.

$$ BUDGET FRIENDLY TIP: Canning jars can be found in thrift stores and yard sales for very little money. Plus – you may save some glass jars from products you love and instead of recycling them, put them to use in your kitchen. What’s more environmentally friendly using and reusing a glass jar you already have?!


Congratulations, you are well past the half way mark in your kitchen! Well done! Are you loving your kitchen’s new lean look? Yes, me too!

20 HomesteadingToday we focus on the pantry where you store food. For folks who live in tiny houses, this isn’t a big deal – the collection is very small.

But if you asked me to do this 10 years ago when I lived in the big house on the golf course – cleaning out my pantry would have taken more than a day because my pantry was huge. No matter where you are or how much stuff is in your food collection, taking the time to clean it out is an excellent idea and a very rewarding task.  You’ve got this!

It is great to donate things you know you won’t use.  And with expired food, or things that are too specialized to be useful to someone else, you may compost the contents and recycle the container. A clean organized pantry is going to feel amazing!

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