Carmen in BlueI have had some amazing mentors in my life, for which I am very grateful.  In addition to my BA in Fine Art and Interior Design, I have also taken creative writing classes at Stanford, purchased coaching with some amazing people, and I have gone through a number of high-end writing, business, and marketing programs to learn everything I can.  Plus, I love learning and I’ve learned a few things in the school of hard knocks!  lol!

I am a small space and simple living consultant. I am uniquely qualified with an Interior Design degree and years of micro/tiny living experience to assist you in creating an efficient functional space that beautifully suits your needs.


Shenk is also passionate about books and offers consulting on writing and marketing a book.

The logistics:

  • Working with me is either in person or virtual through video conferencing.
  • I listen intently in my high-impact 50 minute consultation in order to dive deep and really make a difference for each of my clients.
  • I follow up the with an email summary that includes notes from our discussion and specific action points.

To best benefit from this session, come to the call prepared with a specific challenge you’re facing so we can dive right in. You’ll be amazed at how much ground we cover in one session.  $97

* * * * *

“I contacted Carmen for coaching at the advice of a trusted friend. He couldn’t have been more right about her! Carmen’s natural ability to inspire and encourage others is like handing a client gold! She was able to listen, ask questions, and help me pin point areas of weakness. She then took the time to take diligent notes, send me homework assignments to hold me accountable, and then follow up with my progress. Carmen is everything you could hope for in a coach and a mentor and I could not sing her professional praises enough!”  -Brynn Burger, Mama on the Rocks

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