Kitchen Simplicity is my first book.Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017

This is a book on navigating the transition to life in a tiny haven-home, especially the kitchen. Kitchen Simplicity is not a cookbook.  It is, rather, a philosophy of purposeful simplicity that makes living tiny a joy.

Shenk outlines the Super Simple Kitchen Gear List.  She also shares tips on shopping, food storage, and a green approach to taming trash. Make your home sacred space and enjoy the generosity and gratitude that comes with tiny living.  Finally, share the intimate hospitality of tiny house life with friends and family, building connections, and empowering people.


What people are saying:

“In Kitchen Simplicity, Carmen Shenk shares her recipe for making a rich and purposeful life no matter how tiny the space. Always the gracious hostess, Carmen serves up practical tips on how to pare your kitchen down to the essentials without sacrificing flavor or contentment. The book is generously sprinkled with warm, encouraging words of wisdom gleaned from her own experiences of transforming her tiny kitchen into a sacred space, and turning cooking into a mindful meditation. Simply wonderful.” -Susan Schaefer Bernardo, author of The Big Adventures of Tiny House



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I never can tell where my sweet little book is going to turn up!


Street Fest

“There are so many aspects to living small that people seem to glamorize or even overlook. One of those is the kitchen. As a born and raised Southerner I find this to
be very bizarre. Thank goodness for Carmen though. As the Tiny House Foodie and a former restaurateur she understands the sacred nature of the kitchen. She gets
that the kitchen is the heart of the home and can also be an integral part of personal discovery. “When I stepped
back and took a good look at what was happening, I realized that I was making food the old-school way… Great food, simply prepared”. Carmen has captured the essence of food; food for the stomach and food for the soul. Kitchen Simplicity is a must read for anyone that wants to discover what it means to find purpose in food and prepare big meals in small spaces!” -Andrew Odom, founder of the Tiny House NC Street Festival, and Tiny r(E)volution


“I love how this book helped me see my home through the author’s lens of simplicity and how it jump-started new ideas for me about how to better organize my kitchen. Even now, weeks after I finished the book, I am still evaluating how I set up my kitchen, what’s necessary and loved, and what is just taking up space. I have a renewed energy for my de-cluttering efforts. I also loved Carmen’s approach of keeping her home a haven, and actively keeping out the negative energy that abounds in the world.”  -Karen Creamer, RN, author of Honor Your Health: How to Use Holistic Healing to Create a Life of Clarity, Comfort, and Connection.


“Great, honest, fun, and definitely some solid ideas for small space cooking”

-Derek Diedricksen


Tiny book packs a big wallop: if you want more freedom and less baggage in your life, here’s your guide! Do you love inspiring stories of people who took a big risk, tossed out things, made more room for relationships, and now have a powerful story to tell? Kitchen Simplicity is the tiny book for you! Read it alongside the author’s website, where you’ll find many more ideas, and this tiny book will expand enormously. Carmen Shenk is a dynamic leader. I expect to hear much more from her in the future.” -Shirley Showalter, author of Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World


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Kitchen Simplicity is not a tiny house cookbook. It’s a delightful philosophy book on purposeful simplicity; by the Tiny House Foodie, aka Carmen Shenk. What so refreshing about this book is how Carmen helps guide the downsizing transition by helping the reader liberate their minds from stock misconceptions around the meaning of happiness and success.  -Kent Grizwold, Tiny House Magazine and the Tiny House Blog



“Adorable and well written.” –Hari Berzins, author of Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House


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My book on the shelf in the home of Matt Alexander of, chihuahua: Wilson Flynn, van: Vanna White


Three things are vital to my soul: delicious food, sacred kitchen space, and freedom. In this tiny book, Carmen Shenk shows us how to cultivate them all, no matter our budget, no matter our space. Her warmth, wit, and wisdom glide smoothly across each page like honey over homemade sweet rolls on a Sunday morning.”
-Patricia V. Davis, bestselling author of Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss, and Greece


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Much of what you wrote resonated deeply with me and I wanted to tell you that the way you explained your point of view was very original.  And, I loved the sermon on Og.”  – Susan Gallop Voss, Librarian



Such a pleasure meeting you today at the tiny house festival! You have no idea what hope you gave me for a healthy and efficient kitchen in my new adventure- Thank you! Can’t wait to read your book.” -Brooke Dove, fitness coach



Blog post mention: Living in an Almost Tiny House: Creative Grandparenting Spaces – -Shirley Showalter

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As found in the Tiny House Expedition of Alexis & Christian.  My book is the slim yellow one resting on top of The Big Tiny: A Built-it Myself Memoir by Dee Williams.

Jenn Baxter


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Kindle Edition of the book hit Amazon Hot New Release List.

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It’s kind of hard to see in this screenshot, but both #4 Kindle and #1 Paperback were on Amazon Hot New Releases List.

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I’m Carmen Shenk, and I’m a Tiny House Author.  I have worked on various writing projects over the years and was never able to find the mental space and clarity to finish one of these book projects until I drastically simplified my life and lived in a tiny house.  Minimizing the mundane things of my life made room for me to write, and that has been a dream come true.  I can now say with pride that I am a published author.  That’s a dream I’ve had for mean years and it’s finally true.  I couldn’t be happier!

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