Tiny House Foodie Series

Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017Spring 2018 Release:

Kitchen Simplicity is the first book in my Tiny House Foodie Series.  My tiny living philosophy will move you past the poverty mentality to a place of purposeful simplicity. Kitchen Simplicity is a can-do conversation about living well in small spaces.  There is a practical kitchen gear list, tips on shopping and food storage, and a green approach to handling trash.  Finally, I encourage the reader to savor life in a tiny house and to share the intimate hospitality of entertaining friends and family, building connections, and empowering people.


Book Two: Mennonite Clean: The Pure & Simple Green Clean Home provides recipes for simple money-saving household cleaners plus instructions for making my favorite zero-waste products for the home.  The title started out as a joke.  I was talking about how much I loved cleaning in a tiny house and mentioned to someone that I can get up in the morning and have my tiny house clean by 10 am, I can have it Clean-Clean by noon, and Mennonite Clean by 3 pm.  Of course “Mennonite Clean” stuck and seemed a good fit for the book.

Book Three: Skin Vibrant: Recipes for Skin and Self Care that offers simple skin care recipes that can all be made in a tiny haven-home and focus on skin and self care. Plus a collection of my favorite smoothies to support healthy skin from the inside out.

Book Four: Simple Generosity: Entertaining in a Tiny House.  A collection of recipes for my favorite party foods that are a delight to share with friends and family in a tiny haven-home.29c45-1a2bcarmen