Our Skoolie

1 Van DwellingYears ago, I was determined to be a van dweller.  I was newly single and loved the freedom of living ultra-cheap, and I wanted to do some traveling.  I bought a van for $700 and had a friend give it a complete tune up for $800, lol.  I called the van “Vincent, my Van that Goghs” which quickly was shortened to just “Vinnie”.  I set about making the inside nice.  However, just about the time I finished my van and began contemplating taking the leap to full time… I met a man!  I wasn’t looking for another life partner, but it sure was nice to be a part of a real love story.  Xaver and I got married and built a restaurant together, and after a while we retired from restaurant ownership and sold the building.

Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017Then we came back to this idea of tiny living and purchased Vinnie 2 in the fall of 2014.  Vinnie was 125 square feet without a loft, and he was a perfect fit for us and our little dawg. We enjoyed life together in our tiny house very much (there were some difficult patches also) and the experience gave birth to my first book Kitchen Simplicity. Watch for that, it’ll be out in the Spring from HD Media Press.

IMG_3403After speaking at the Tiny House and Simple Living Jamboree in Texas last year, I was enamored with the Skoolies I saw there!  (Skoolie = bus turned into a home.)  That got the wheels turning for me, so to speak.  I found a short bus on Craigslist.  We met the bus and loved it, and bought it on the spot.  As we were exploring ideas for this Vinnie 3, we happened to drive by another short bus with a sign in the window. So we planned a little excursion to go back and take a closer look.  We loved that bus as well, and since it was a little bit longer, but also in excellent mechanical condition, we snapped it up.  We contemplated keeping the first one as a box truck for our business (Geshenke.com) but we don’t need it, so we’ve listed it for sale.  The adventure continues.  Stick around for all the details.29c45-1a2bcarmen