Skoolie tour on YouTube channel RelaxShacksDOTcom by Deek Diedricksen.

Screenshot (43)I’m really enjoying talking to people about tiny houses and food!  Here are some of those conversations.

  • Listen to a podcast interview with Ethan Waldman over at the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast: How to Cook like a Pro in your Tiny House Kitchen with Carmen Shenk.  It’s fun to talk about cooking in a tiny house with someone else who also loves to cook in a tiny house!
  • I’m in the Tiny House Magazine again, Vol 6, Issue 67, and this time they interviewed me on pages 12-16, my book shows up larger than life on page 31, and I wrote about making your Tiny Home a Haven on pages 63-65.  Get your subscription now so that you don’t miss a thing!
  • I was interviewed by Ethan Waldman for his members-only Facebook Group called Tiny House Engage and we talked about cooking in a tiny house and our favorite gear.  It was fun to hang out with him, he asked some really interesting questions!
  • I Screenshot (21)just showed up in the Tiny House Magazine in Vol 6, issue 66 on page 2 (the table of contents has a photo of me) and my book is on page 35.  A PDF of the magazine is available at Tiny House Magazine for a nominal charge.  It’s a great issue with fantastic profiles of a number of drop-dead gorgeous tiny homes, plus some excellent articles that were so much fun to read.  I love all things #tinyhouse, so I really love this magazine!
  • I was interviewed by Frank Hazzard for Carmen Shenk, the Tiny House Foodie and author will bring her Skoolie and new book to the Fredericksburg show.
  • I wScreenshot (44)as interviewed by Michelle Bredeson Boyle, Mark Grimes, and Perry Gruber for the Tiny House Podcast.  It was so much fun and I ended up talking about Shrimp & Grits a lot!  Yum.  Check out the 41 minute podcast #126: Cooking, Baking, and Fun Life Making.
  • Article on my book in Books News on

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