Intro 5January 2018 begins with my video series that helps you “right-size” your collection of kitchen gear.   I begin by asking you to think about the reason you are going tiny, and consider the purpose behind the project in: Finding Your “Why”.  Then I walk you through the process of Choosing Your Favorite Things in your kitchen.  Then we tackle the cleaning products you have in order to Detox Your Kitchen, including four recipes for my favorite natural non-toxic cleaners.  The process of Donating/Selling can be challenging, so I walk you through the pros and cons of these choices.  Finally, in living in 125 square feet for three-plus years, I learned that trash is a BIG deal.  Therefore I explore how to Tame the Trash in your Tiny House.

In Week Two we tackle Dishware, Glassware, Flatware, and Knives & Cutting Boards and finish up the week with Pots & Pans.  These are practical discussions that keep minimalism and simplicity in focus as we consider our kitchen gear.

This brings us to Week Three.  Monday I show how we do Tiny House Coffee & Tea.  Tuesday I tackle Mixing Bowls & Lids, and then on to Baking Gear, Food Storage, and the Pantry.

In Week Four we tackle Spices, Herbs & Essential Oils on Monday, Tuesday we tackle Utensils.  Wednesday we talk about the Food Processor and other tools that grate and slice.  On Thursday we explore the Blender and all the tools that blend and puree, and on Friday we explore the Mixer and other tools that mix and whip.

Finally we talk about the Toaster, then the Microwave, and the last blog post covers The Rest of the Appliances whether generally or specifically and this wraps up the video series.

Tag a post #KitchenSimplicity to show me your progress photos, I look forward to seeing your work.  I find the process of bringing order out of chaos to be very satisfying and I hope you do also.  Thanks so much for joining me for this video series, I really appreciate it!29c45-1a2bcarmen