Skoolie Spending

“How much did it cost?” is one of the first things people want to know, though many are too polite to ask.  Here’s the run down of the money we’ve spent on our Skoolie so far.  We’ve been working at keeping it super simple, low-tech and affordable because we want people to know that this kind of bus-to-home transformation is something that can be done without mortgaging your soul.  Plus – it doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!

  • Bus: 2001 Ford E-450 Bus with 144K miles: $4,500
  • Title change from Bus to Class A Recreational Vehicle: $327
  • Total: $4827


  • Kitchen cabinet: an antique dresser from Habitat for Humanity: $100
  • Paint for the cabinet: Easy Care Ultra Premium low-VOC paint: $18
  • Brass hardware (came with the cabinet, we just polished it) $0
  • Fridge: Daewoo Retro Fridge 4.4 cubic ft $290
  • Oven: Breville Smart Oven Air $400 (which I purchased with the iBotta app and got $60 back.  $340
  • Cooktop: Copper Chef Induction Cooktop $44
  • Storage behind cabinet: Three Winco Pans that we already had $0
  • Storage behind cabinet: six Cambro 1/9 plastic pans that we already had $0
  • Storage behind cabinet: One Winco Pan that we already had $0
  • Total: $1192


  • Bathroom cabinet: an antique I bought at an auction many years ago for $36
  • Paint for the cabinet: rattle cans I had already + one can of copper $7
  • Brass hardware (came with the cabinet), plus rattlecan I already had $0
  • Sink: eBay Chilean Copper Bowl for $125 + S&H for $135
  • Pitcher: CopperBull Pitcher for $58
  • Throne: an antique chair I was given a few years ago $0
  • Toilet: The Luggable Loo which I bought back when they were only $20
  • Total: $256


  • The tangerine Italian sofa from Habitat for Humanity for $100


  • Maple for shelves made by Xaver: $700
  • Maple drawers that we got on Craigslist: $50
  • Stone for kitchen countertop to be made by Xaver: $200
  • Electrical: Supplies + labor estimate $1200
  • Floor: flooring from Habitat for Humanity + labor estimate $850
  • Total: $3000

So it looks like we’ve got about $9,275  in this project so far.  That’s where things are at the moment.  I’ll update this as we go along.29c45-1a2bcarmen